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What is Shared, VPS and Private Hosting?

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Sorry for such a basic question but I have juts found out about:

Shared hosting.
VPS hosting.
Private Hosting.

I have no idea which one is better and which one should I use?
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Shared hosting means that many websites are hosted on the same server and even worse they all share the same IP address! It's like you live in the hood and you are the only one that has the internet connection so the entire hood is using your router to connect to the internet!

Dedicated hosting or Private Hosting is basically one website server!
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Hello beginner,
Really it depends on your budget. While your starting off and you just want something cheap and affordable, I'd suggest going with shared hosting. You can usually find monthly plans for $1 and up Wink It really just depends and what you'll use it for and what your needs would be. Either way, I'd suggest starting with Shared hosting to find out what you'll be using.

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