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What is a paid link?

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Guys what exactly paid link means, what amount of money are we talking about and why do you have to pay for it?
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Links could be used to either drive traffic or to increase search engine PR. So if you are interesting in any of those then you have 2 choices free or paid one. Paid link refers to you paying someone to add it to their site for the purpose described above Smile
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Is link the same as backlink?
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(07-11-2014 09:50 PM)hellboy Wrote:  Is link the same as backlink?

Nope they are not the same but they are similar.

Link is a clickable text that opens some new web page.
Backlink is a link from somebodies website to yours. It's used in PageRank calculation and each backlink counts as a vote for higher PR.
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A paid link is a link to your site from a website that preferably has high PR. This transfers juice to your site and gets you ranked for your keyword. For example, something like in my signature would be a paid link.
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In Simple, Paying someone to place the link.

Google considers this as a Back-links/Site-wide links/Paid links. We may expect a strong update for paid links from Google. Webmasters tells that there is a process going on the Google Desk to filter the paid results.

It is worthy when?
It is relevant to the website you are placing.
High PR/Domain authority sites.
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Paid links are actually services that your are paying to increase the backlinks to your websites. It make come in bulk. But make sure to go for for credible company.

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