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What is an Autobot in SEO?

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Can anyone give me an explanation in what is autobot and what role does it play in black hat seo?
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Auto bot is simply an executable file which intended to do the manual works with little support by humans.

Advantages of Autobot:
1. Any automation software are discovered to get the work done as soon as possible. The core theory applies to the SEO Autobots., Time efficiency is the key.
2. Flexible - Most of the Autobots engines can be moderated. (I mean the templates of xrumer, sick submitter & the engines of GSA can be edited by any purchaser of those software).
3. Cost effective (Autobots charge less than the SEO professionals).
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Imagine you have huge list of website directories you wanna submit your site to manual submission will take ages and it's supper boring so the simple solution is to use software or a script that you program to do specific task in this case submit the information you want to some place.

These scripts these days are pretty sophisticated to the point that they will automatically solve the Captcha and click on email verification links.

This allows you to generate backlinks and traffic way faster that doing it manually.
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What is an Autobot in SEO?
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(06-12-2015 06:14 AM)anirban09p Wrote:  What is an Autobot in SEO?

This question had been already answered above read replies above!

Auto-bot in many cases they it's also called spam-bot and it's a script that that designed to execute some specific function or a task automatically.

Let say I wanna submit my website to some huge amount of web-directories the list is huge so manually it will take precious time so you simply create a bot that will do it automatically.

The same applies for auto generate Facebook likes, Twitter and Pinterest followers, as well as forum posting and blog commenting!

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