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What is and how can I Increase domain authority?

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I am not fully understand this precision "domain authority" so could somebody give me an explanation on what it means and how to increase it?
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Domain authority simply means that the domain is a top ranking site for some keywords. For that to happen the site needs to have thousands of pages indexed so that for each search query you'll get multiple results from the the same website.
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Domain authority is known as measure of the power of a domain name and it is based on three factors Age, popularity, and size. It can be increased by varying all three factors.
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Domain authority is highly dependent on the number of domains (or sites) linking to you. It means getting a 100 links from one domain in no better than getting 50 links from 50 different domains. It looks for how many sites are linking to your site and that indirectly helps to increase the value of your site.
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Thank you for this wonderful post.I really liked this.
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Hi there,
The main way is to improve.
Get rid of bad links.
Gain good links.
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Avoid Improper SEO practices linking from Low quality sites or buying links, try to get more sites linking to you and promote your content to increase its reach.
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Thanks for letting us known this seo phare "Domain Authority". I was also not too much aware of that.
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Gain good links.
Update the Fresh Content
Social sites Updation
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- Area authority is known as measure of the energy of the domain and it is dependant on 3 components Era, reputation, and dimension. It could be improved by various many 3 components.

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