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What is article syndication?

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What is article syndication?
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Please ask better questions, don't try and just up your post count with 4 word questions. Put some thought in it for once. Your questions have been total #@$%!!! recently. You're asking things way to basic that you could have researched on your own, then with your knew found knowledge, posted something about what you learned and inspired a deeper talk about it, or asked for clarification on things you still did not grasp or something that just shows your not just posting anything you can to get a higher post count.
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"In the marketing world, article syndication refers to the process by which articles, columns, stories, photographs and other featured content is simultaneously distributed for publication on various websites"
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Is article syndication so kind of "article submission", "article bookmarking" or "article spinning" software?
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Article syndication is a method used by internet marketers for link building.
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(04-16-2014 06:09 PM)whatsapp Wrote:  Article syndication is a method used by internet marketers for link building.

True, but it is not as effective as before. I am not saying it doesn't work anymore, I am saying it is not as effective as they before because of Google updates. Have you seen Ezine on a first page?. Very few.

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