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What is concurrent connections limit?

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My website started crashing and my hosting provider says it's due to max_connections error. But what in the world is this and how to increase it or get rid of it?
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If a website allows downloads then the same user downloading 10 files will result in 10 instantaneous connections. If you are on the shared hosting there is nothing you can do but if you are on VPS or Dedicated then you can increase it.
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Once you request a page you will crease one SQL connection and after the site is loaded the connection will be closed. However in many cases if for some reason the server is slow the site takes more time to load and if you keep reloading it or opening new pages and don't allow the site fully to load you create open connections that don't have a chance to close which will result in the error once you reach the limit.
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Simultaneous Connections - what happens when you hit the point of confinement. Hello all, I have as of late updated my Astaro 6.311 to 7.009 and I can see that there is a noteworthy lessening on the enabled simultaneous associations from 32000 to 1000.

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