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What is google caffeine?

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Checking a post made my @Maya where Matt Cutts talks about long tail keywords I have notice "Google caffeine" what is this?
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Google Caffeine is not just another update but some sort of system that will reboot the entire search engine to achieve better speed, indexing and more relevant search results.
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@Ivan is correct. After all these changes Google made they had to reboot their search engine so they call it caffeine it helped to improve it.
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Why Google introduced Caffeine?

You might have experienced with the old Google search engine, I mean 4-6 years ago. The search results involved with clumsy & crappy contents (May not get the right results).

So why Google thought to refresh the engine with new content - It introduced a update called "Caffeine" - New search indexing system. It is intended to meet the user expectations - Getting the relevant search results as possible.

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