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What is relation between Internet Marketing and SEO?

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Does search engine optimization has something to do with internet marketing?
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Search engine optimization believe it or not is a part Internet marketing why cause you need a website to make online marketing to work and to get that site rank high for more exposure and traffic you need SEO.
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Now more that ever Internet marketing is being merged with SEO. Two elements that require to have a good approach, demographic, content way. You need to understand the customer once he arrives on your website. A very important marketing aspect.
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SEO is the part of internet marketing that use to improve the organic traffic on the website or blogs and the internet marketing is a very big working platform to sale any thing on the internet.
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Successful search optimization for international markets may require professional translation of web pages, registration of a domain name with a top level domain in the target market. Its have different types of points like Not having an offsite content strategy,Not giving it enough time, Not devoting enough budget to the campaign, Not distributing the workload.
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There is vast difference between Internet marketing & search engine optimization .Internet marketing is a technique used to promote brands & products through digital medium.SMM,SEM,affiliate marketing,e mail marketing are some techniques used for promotion whereas seo or search engine optimization is a process of ranking any website in search engine.
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Yes, I think SEO is a part of Internet marketing that can help benefit to your website.
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Yes, you want to have your website known to search engines so that you are way up on the top in search engine rankings.

So it is a part of internet marketing

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