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What is search engine marketing?

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Does seo has to do something with search engine marketing? If not then what is it?
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SEO does many things in Search Engine Marketing campaigns to make it success.

"SEO is a part of SEM, In other words SEO is a category in Search engine marketing"

If the above quoted statement is true, You'll not get the answer [NO & ITS Reason] for SEO not doing any business in SEM.
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When we introduce any website on different search engines that called search engine marketing. Most of the work of this technology come under SEO technique.
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SEM mainly it based on CPC(Cost per click) and it includes paid listing and increase traffic to web site.
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Search engine marketing is a form of Internet marketing and used to increase website traffic by purchasing ads in search engines.
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SEO and search engine marketing are somehow related but not in all ways. They can help increase the value of your website literally.

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