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What is the amp?

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What is the amp?
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AMP (accelerated mobile pages ) it is designed by google to make webpages on mobile load faster, it does not have an impact on your SEO but it will improve your site speed.
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Google launched the mobile friendliness update and eventually made it one of the mobile search engine ranking factors, site owners began looking forward to a faster mobile experience.
It’s good to optimize your pages for mobile users. However, if the mobile browser pages aren’t loading quickly, that’s a hiccup that can discourage users from enjoying your content.
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your website speed will improve only and rest of the things will remain same
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AMP is Accelerated mobile pages. These pages are fast and responsive to mobile users to give a better experience. AMP also provides an advantage with Google search engine ranking.
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AMP is stand for Accelerated Mobile Pages
It is an Open Source framework designed to speed up load times for mobile internet users.

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