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What is the best forum site in the internet?

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There are literally thousands and thousands of forum sites in the internet but which of those are best forum sites? I need to know at least top 10 best forums because I am right now working on something that requires the use of best forum sites any forum site won't do has to be best of the best I mean most popular forums with a lot of traffic!
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You know the majority of internet forums are dedicated to discuss specific niche or topic!
Here are some of the best forum sites:

1. Gentoo Discussion Forums
2. Adobe Forums
3. WoW Forum Community
4. Ubuntu Forums
5. Java Forums
6. mozillaZine
7. Chronicle Forums
8. Delphi Forums
9. SitePoint Forums
10. WordPress Forums
11. Digital Photography Forums
12. GardenWeb Forums
13. GenForum
14. SL Forums

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