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What is the difference between Google popularity and authority?

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Can any body explain what is Google popularity and authority and what makes them differ one from another?
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Think of it this way.

Popularity means the website gets traffic but not backlinks neither PR.
Authority means the website has high PR lots of backlinks but might not have as much traffic.
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XXX sites are pretty popular but it doesn't mean many are willing to link to them!
Website Authority is when the website has a lot of content that pretty much covers all mostly searched terms and all that content ranks high in Google (shows on the first page) Wikipedia for instance.
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I think Moz invented the word Domain authority then Google may picked up the word - Based on the trust value of the domain (Safe browsing), popularity and of course the back-links (Organic backlinks, In other words natural content generated back-links) helps increasing the authority of a website.

Popularity is just, tons the traffic the domain receives.
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What is more important in terms of ranking?
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(07-29-2014 11:51 PM)lazarmilicic Wrote:  What is more important in terms of ranking?

Search Engine Authority is more important for SEO.
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SEO - To improve the website visibility in the search engines - Role is to get traffic/visitors.

If something is socially popular (Obviously we have visitors on-line) We can achieve the BRAND value once we are popular in the social websites, Then why we need of SEO? and Search engine authorship to improve SEO?

I have answer for this!
First understand that the Google PR is based on popularity. Google divided the popularity into two divisions.

(i.e) 1. Popularity (People goes often) 2. Authority (People likes to link to it)
  • Adult websites are popular but people do not like to link to it.
  • Weight loss tips are popular but people like to link it.
Page rank is determined according to the reputation value of the where people link.

So take the popularity - 30% and the authority - 70% for better rankings. Any suggestions?
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Authority sites are generally high-quality site and articles written well, people love to read and share with others. The sites will accept only items worthy of trust, and getting links from other sites recognized. Popularity automatically when you have multiple sites of authority.
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Domain Authority is affected by many of the same things that affect your SERPs position and your user engagement, which makes sense. DA is a measurement of your SEO, popularity and engagement. Better metrics all around will increase your Domain Authority.
Google authority - If a site is an authority in your industry, you can bet that it will be for Google as well. So if you're a web designer, a link from Smashing Magazine or A List Apart helps, as a lot of other web design sites will be linking to those sites, thus causing those sites to be 'hubs' in the web design space.”

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