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What is the key factor to get high Google PR (PageRank)?

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Which factor determines the website Google Page-Rank (PR)? I mean I want to increase or get high one what should I focus on most?
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PageRank algorithm is mostly based on backlinks but there are many more factors involved we don't know since Google doesn't reveal it. I would say: back-links and on-page optimization are the most important factor to pay attention to when working on increasing PR.
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You can do Social bookmarking, blog commenting, forum commenting, press release, and video submission.
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Lots of ways to Promote your website and also grow traffic.
You can try these.
1-Link Building.
2-Social Networking.
3-Book Marking
4-Forum Posting
5-Ad Posting.
and some others if you have need my help you can make me PM.
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To get high page rank, you have to build quality backlinks from high domain authority site websites. Some of the useful techniques are-

Forum Posting
Guest Blog
Yahoo Answers
Blog Commenting
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Page Rank criteria mostly depends on back-links but there are more aspects engaged we don't know since search engines does not expose it. I would say: back-links and on-page marketing are the most important aspect to concentrate on when operating on improving PR.

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