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What is the major difference between On page and Off page SEO?

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What is the major difference between On page and Off page seo?
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Off-Page SEO. This type of SEO involves promoting the website via other channels. It relies on other web pages to get traffic to its site. Off-page SEO uses a combination of techniques in which to improve the website's position in the search engine results page (SERPs)
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On page Seo:
On page Seo is the process of optimizing your website to rank higher and get traffic in search engines.
On-Page Search Engine Optimization key points.
1. Page Titles
2. Meta Descriptions
3. Meta Tags
4. URL Structure
5. Body Tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, etc.)
6. Keyword Density
7. Image SEO
8. Internal Linking

Off-page optimization:

Off-page optimization is the process of improving the position of the website in search engine result page. By off page SEO, you can get organic search results which are important for the growth of your site google rankings.

Important Off-page Optimization activities:

1. Creating Quality Content
2. Social Bookmarking Sites
3. Blog Directory Submission
4. Forum Submission
5. Blog commenting
6. Classifieds
7. Article Submission
8. Profile creation
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In-page SEO refers to the factors you can control on your own website, off-page SEO refers to the page ranking factors that occur off your website, like backlinks from another site.
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(02-05-2019 05:06 PM)Astrologer Mahendhar Wrote:  What is the major difference between On page and Off page SEO?

On-page SEO is the process of optimizing elements on your website itself.
Off-page optimization is the process of linking or promoting your website using link
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On-page SEO is also known as on-site SEO, due to the simple reason that it involves optimizing various factors on the website. These factors are related to manipulating the present content to improve its quality and structure – both for the user and search engine crawlers (so that both search engines and humans can understand what your website pages are about).

Off-page SEO refers to the actions taken off-site to further enhance the websites ranking on the SERPs. Off-page factors work to increase the website’s credibility, trustworthiness, and authority for the users and the search engines.
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both are very different Off page mean links form other website and on page our website seo.
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SEO Off page Activity are

Content posting
Images sharing
Video sharing
Info-graphics submission
Bookmarking submission
Directory submission
PPT sharing
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On Page SEO:- On page SEO refers to all the activities performed within the websites to get higher ranking and more relevant traffic from the search engines. On page, SEO is related to the optimization of the content as well as the HTML source code of any web page. Some of its aspects include meta tags, title tags, meta description, and heading tags.
Off Page SEO:- Off-page SEO relates to the other aspects that influence the search ranking of websites on the Search Engine Result Page. It refers to the promotional activities, such as content marketing, social media and link building performed outside the boundaries of any web page to improve its search ranking.
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On-Page optimization means to do some changes in website back end, but off-page optimization means to build back links to your website. Some on-page and off-page techniques are:

On-page optimization techniques are:

1. Website structure
2. Meta tags
3. HTML tags
4. Alt tags
5. Xml and html site maps
6. Robots.txt
7. Site loading speed
8. Web site URL structure
9. Site UI desig
10. Google analytics and webmasters

The Best SEO Backlinks Techniques are:

1. Social bookmarking
2. Directory submission
3. Classified Ads
4. Local business listing
5. Forum posting
6. PPT Submissions
7. QNA(question and answer)
8. Web2.0
9. Blog writing and submission
10. Infographic
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There are basically two types of SEO techniques - on page and off page.

On page seo refers to the process that is followed on the website itself. Some of the tasks involved are:

Keyword research
Meta tags and title
Meta description
Robots . txt file
Sitemap generation
Content development
Image optimization

Off page refers to the link building and promotion of your website in search engines. Some of the most effective off page activities are:

Guest posting
Article submission
Press release submission
Social bookmarks
Classified ads
Infographics submission
Social media optimization
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Both On page and Off page is important for a website

On Page SEO techniques deals with

url structure
Meta tags
HTML tags
Alt tags
HTML and XML site maps
Loading speed UI design
Google analytics
Google Webmaster Tool


OFF page deals with techiques which is used to build backlink

Social Bookmarking
Forum Participation
Classified ads
Press release
Social Media Optimization
Article Submission
Guest Posting
Web 2.0
Quora ( Q&A )

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