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What is the major things you will check in pre analysis?

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What is the major things you will check in pre analysis.
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Buddy you need to step up your questions post some more info it's tough to figure what you want from one sentence!

Are you talking about SEO analysis of the website? If so then the first thing I would check is the amount of backlinks the website has then compare that data with the high ranking sites that the website is trying to rank high for.

Then the next step would be to check the amount of content website has and the quality of it again compare it with the competitors!
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I agree with the above post! You have to have some data to compare your website with and the best way to beat your competition is to spy on them and then optimize your website to make it better! These days you can get pretty much all the important information on any web-site that controls rankings SEO in general.
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Check for duplicate content & other technical factors such as broken links, analytics webmasters, meta tags, alt tile, W3c Validation errors, social platforms should be checked.

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