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What is the meaning of SQL max_connections?

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Was testing a few things on my free web hosting and then suddenly I get this max_connections error "Too many connections - MySQL" I mean what is it mean and how to get rod of this SQL error I cant access my site?
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max_connections error means:

Usually on most hosting the maximum number of database query limit is 75000 queries per hour. You need to make sure that your website does not exceed the limit.

When you exceed the query limit you get max_connections error, you can wait for one to two hours so that the query limit will reset and your website will work.
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MAX_CONNECTIONS function is used to get maximum number of simultaneous user connections allowed on sql server.
The actual number of user connections allowed also depends on the version of SQL Server installed and the limitations of your applications and hardware.
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You should get better website hosting if you run into this issue.

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The number of Mysql connections permitted is controlled by the max_connections system variable in Mysql server configuration. This limit is setup by your hosting provider.
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@@MAX_CONNECTIONS in SQL Server returns greatest number of concurrent client associations permitted. Greatest client associations permitted by SQL Server of course is 32,767; this number additionally relies upon application and server equipment limits. This cam likewise be designed at server-level to maintain a strategic distance from an excessive number of associations.
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MAX_CONNECTIONS is the most common and and most annoying return.
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you will have to increase the mysql connections in database

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