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What type of content Google Panda algorithm doesn't like?

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I am wondering if there are some type of articles that in particular make Panda update penalize the them regarding of the quality?
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Google Panda algorithm doesn't like Content which is not unique and is copied from other sites.
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Google Panda doesn’t like Copy content, Scraped content and which is not unique and copy from other websites.


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Panda discovered to identify the copied content - Okay! duplicated content.

Then many started using crappy content (using some softwares/spin content/re-written content) - produced 50%-75% unique content (meaningless content) but that will be unique to the search engines. Now, Panda is more strong in identifying the crappy content - Whatever still spammy content works fine for many people!

Now panda is focusing on identifying the content which is not written for users! I mean spiders are trying to understand the local languages (that is, understanding of why some content has created?). If Panda, restricts all the crappy content then many will stops using Google. Even me? May-be!
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1. Duplicate Content
2. Template Content (Pages for cities, replacing city name)
3. Keyword stuffed text
4. Thin content pages
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Don't copy and paste content from other websites to your website. If you do copy and paste then your website will be disappeared from Google.

Post relevant and unique content on your website with keywords density.
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Panda updates which all about content....doesn't like low quality (Thin content), content farm, Duplicate content and Poor grammar
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I am wondering what percentage of the content uniqueness will make it unique? Case as we all know those who involved in the content marketing there are always some phrases and words that are just common which could make the content look not 100% unique?

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