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What type of content Google likes most?

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There are many types of content but I have noticed that some of them tend to rank higher than others and get more traffic any idea what are they?
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@badboy buddy! It is a kind of myth that Google loves some specific content!

I don't think so, Google spiders loves the content which is loved by the users. (For to avoid spamming spiders look the fresh)

User loves the content depends on their needs! For example:
Graduates loves interview questions! (Interview questions are mostly unique when it is done ethically )
Buyers reads the reviews
Youngsters needs social content
Software developer needs updates
Womens compare everything
Mens are the news readers..etc

Typically speaking Google likes the content - Which is naturally made for the USER.
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@Kevin is right Google doesn't really care about subject as long as its not violation any policy. The reason some content get more traffic than another is because the subject is more popular and more searched like for instance: "How to make money only"
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Thanks guys. When I think about it actually it makes sense. Content is popular because many are searching for it Smile

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