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Where is Justin Bieber from...

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Where is Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber lives in Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia, US.

Justin Bieber was born on Mar 1, 1994, in London, Ontario. He grew up in Stratford, Ontario. Bieber’s mother (Patricia Lynn Mallette) was 18 years old when she became pregnant with Justin. Mallette, who did work a series of low-paying office businesses, brought up Bieber as a unmarried mother in low-income housing. Justin Bieber has kept contact with his father, Jeremy Jack Bieber, who got married another woman and had two kids. Bieber’s agnate great-grandfather was a German immigrant to Canada. His mother’s ancestry is French Canadees.

A top notch precocious, multi-talented and self-taught musician (drums, guitar, piano and trumpet) 15-year-old Justin Bieber had been a phenomenon on YouTube, posing his immaculate spin on songs from performers like Usher, Ne-Yo and Stevie Wonder, before the planet took notice. Since 2007, Justin racked up over 10,000,000 views strictly from grapevine.

But then he began to bubble up and influential folks took notice. Seven months after Justin started putting up his videos online ; the Canadian teen winged to Atlanta, GA to meet with R&B genius Usher, who promptly took him under his wing, making him his newest protg. Curtly thereafter, Justin Bieber also wowed Island Def Jam head Antonio “L.A.” Reid and hasn’t already looked back.

His first single, “One Time,” produced by Chris “Tricky” Stewart is already putting him on the map and his debut album My World is due later this summer. At just a wee 15-years-of-age, Bieber is a nearly untapped well of natural artistic talent, and presumably will be a solid force in music for many years to come.
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Thanks it's good to know where Justin Bieber is from and where he lives now!

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