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Where should I start in SEO?

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If someone decides to learn or use search engine optimization ( seo) where that someone should start?
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Search engine optimization is a tough subject! I suggest you to check "google seo guide"
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I say actually read the TOS and all DOCs relating to the engine you want to target. That is the only true way to learn and understand why techniques work and do not work. And why some will give more ideal results while others will not but are still good to use.
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When you want to start seo you just learn few things about google panda and penguin rules.
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You should have a website to try your SEO activity upon. You need to practice your SEO skills. Design a website and host it on a good server. Perform SEO on the website and keep learning.
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if you want to learn SEO, you can learn at backlinko
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you can find and learn about build backlinks, pr in forums blog, web 2.0,,,,many and many ..
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u should first start seo learning process with the implementations in online websites and then day by day you will become a good digital marketer
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There are many platforms where you should start seo but i recmond you one of the best website INNOVA NETWORKS
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if u want to learn seo u should start the back-link that is most imortant
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we know that about seo before start seo if you start seo lean backlink and bookmarking.
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Off page seo star after one bulit your website is best in my mind
get paid backlink like PBN and guest is best for improve your site
then other way to start other backlink method
article submission
url submission
directly submission
image submission
PDF submission
and few other method of page seo
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First start with on page optimization such as
Meta tag optimization
and then start creating content
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First start collecting knowledge about SEO and what is the motive behind SEO. You an also read more at Moz and google SEO guide for the great knowledge.
Then start working on some techniques that is Bookmarking, Business listing, forums etc. Then start with On-page SEO techniques including Meta tags, Alt tags, sitemap. robots etc.

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