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Which hosting plan should I get for my eCommerce site?

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I am thinking about lunching my own online business eCommerce site right but not sure which hosting plan is bets for such type of websites?
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If you are planning to spend huge amount of money on marketing promoting the business and expect a ton of traffic then you should go with VPS or Dedicated hosting if not then I recommend you to start on the shred one get rankings and then once your eCommerce picks up traffic switch to some more advanced hosting plan.
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I think you must take the hosting plans from GoDaddy, which provides a great hosting plan for an e-commerce site.
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There are plenty of hosting services available online you can get hosting services from GO daddy,Bluehost or bigrock.
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This was the wonderful post.
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Go daddy, hostgator are big brands and had qualified customer support staff, my few clients had their hosting accounts on same, so i prefer you to go with any 1 of them, as they plan for single basic web hosting to VPS or Dedicated hosting which you can upgrade anytime you want.
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I am using a shared hosting plan for one of my eCommerce websites and you could use one too.
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It is new website. so traffic will be less so any stater vps plan can be good for you that you can easily upgrade in feature if needed you also can try shared hosting for testing purpose.
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There're many big guys in VPS hosting industry that you can rely on, however according to me, there're 3 big guys that I usually use to host a large number of websites on them. They are Godaddy, Vultr and GreenCloudVPS.

With Godaddy, I usually get big discounts via e -mail, the most percent discount I've got are 40% off and 30% off on new orders, this includes VPS packages orders. More, they have a very professional and comfortable control panel that can help me much in domain and hosting management. Very easy to transfer or renew when I need to do. When my domains or hosting get expiring, I've always get notification by them, at least before 3 months, that's very good.

With Vultr, They offer SSD VPS at an affordable price, uptime is good. Their customer service is great too. With Vultr, you can create new servers within a minute with the price as low as only $5/month. They also allow hourly billing, which is good for one time experiments where you can launch lots of servers for some period without paying much. Lots of tutorials available to help you out when you're stuck, so even if you're new to server admin stuffs you can easily get things done.

With GreenCloudVPS, they have a very good and friendly support team that can help you almost instantly, I've asked them many times and each time was let me very happy and rate them 5 stars in supporting. GreenCloudVPS also give monthly coupons that can help you save 25% off on your VPS purchasing. Especially with GreenCloudVPS, you can host and run some SEO tools such as GSA, XRumber,...

So I would like to recommend 3 VPS providers above to you. I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!
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Godaddy's Ultimate plan is good for the eCommerce sites.
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yes that is a good tool
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choose vps server it will save you from a lot of headache when you are growing your business

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