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Which is the best performing banner sizes for adsense

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Can you help me to find out most successful AdSense ad sizes?
What is the best performing AdSense Ad?
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Here is Top performing ad sizes according to Adsense
300x250 medium rectangle
336x280 large rectangle
728x90 leaderboard
160x600 wide skyscraper

However the best performing Adsense ad size would be the one that suits your website!
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Size and placement are the two key factors. The best way to figure out your best size and placement is to do multivariate testing and use multiple analytic platforms.
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I wouldn't follow Adsense heat map unless your website has the same layout as you see on the heat map
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Adsense 468x60 banner is the best performing ad unit simply because its easy to blend with content and as a result that increases CTR!
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468x60 banner is just too small and I don't think it has high CPC in other hand 300x250 medium rectangle and 336x280 large rectangle are pretty popular among publishers and advertisers which increase competition and CPC

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