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Which is the most rankings and PR destroying SEO factor?

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There are many factors in seo that makes our site go up and down in rankings but out of them all which one is the baddest of all I mean that just destroys everything and make you loose PR and ranking position?
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There is nothing that has worst effect on website SEO than spammy backlinks!
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@Marcus is Right! Bad incoming links sure will kick the website back in the rankings and obviously the PAGERANK.
Nowadays, Crappy content is also the main reason of drops in the rankings! Remember content is not related to the PR.
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No doubt that backlinks since that what determines website PR (page-rank) and search engine rankings. Webmasters most of the time mostly beginners when building backlinks don't realize that it better to have a few good ones than whole bunch of low quality ones!
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I think its manipulating search engines to appear in serp.
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Excessive use of keyword rich anchors, Links from irrelevant pages can hurt your ranking. But it will not affect your PR.

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