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High converting, 100% unique product reviews that will grab your readers by their eyeballs and overload your affiliate account with tons of $$$!!!

Dear Forum Members,

Everybody knows that the easiest way to make money as an affiliate is with product reviews.

Reviews allow you to establish a close relationship with your readers before they make a decision. Furthermore, people who read product reviews are usually already on their way to buying the product, which makes product reviews that much more powerful.

But in order to make money with product reviews, they have to be effective. In order for a review to bring in sales, it is essential for it to be accurate, thoroughly researched, properly structured and most importantly, fair and balanced.

This is why all of our reviews are written using a formula that has been proven to bring in results and provide the most accurate information while still enticing your reader to buy the product. All our reviews are written using the following structure:
  • Intro (150 words): A description of the product with features and specs outlined using bullet points.
  • The good (250 words): Positive aspects and customer feedback for the product.
  • The bad (250 words): Negative feedback for the product.
  • Our verdict (100 words): Our honest opinion about the product plus some final observations.

Here’s an example of a review written using this formula:

Apple MacBook Pro 2016 is one laptop that everyone is going bonkers over. It has the Touch bar and Touch Id system. Having the i7 process and being of 6th generation makes it one of the fastest processors in the world. Not just that, the laptop has improved in terms of quality, design, and performance.

Given below are some of the features of MacBook Pro 2016 (Touch bar):

CPU 2.6-GHz 6th gen Core i7 quad-core
DISPLAY 15 inches (2880 x 1800)
PORTS 4 Thunderbolt 3, headphone
GRAPHICS • Intel HD Graphics 530
BATTERY LIFE 10 Hours (Est)
WEIGHT 1.83 kg
RESOLUTION 2880×1800 native resolution
COLORS Space Grey, Silver

The laptop had an additional Touch ID and spacious track-pad. The laptop is comparatively thinner and lighter. It has an attractive built. The audio quality of the laptop is quite impressive. It has a fast performance and retina screen which is quite colorful.

The laptop has no USB-C ports. IT doesn’t consist of any HDMI or SD card slot. The iPhone cable that you are using will not work with this laptop and it doesn’t even have a MagSafe. The thunderbolt cable only works if an external adapter launched by Apple is bought. It is quite expensive due to the Touch Bar and the battery life is shorter.

Final Verdict:
The new Apple MacBook Pro has a lot of new feature and benefits like faster graphics and better display. It has a much attractive design. But by doing all this they have removed certain useful and import aspects required by a laptop like Function row and memory card reader. Marked at such a high rate and not many attractive features except the newly added touch bar one should not buy this laptop as a lot better laptops are available in the same price range.

Why is this formula so powerful?
  • This formula allows you to establish trust right away with your reader. By outlining both the good and bad aspects of the product, you are establishing yourself as someone who can be trusted.
  • Readers are aware of fake reviews and if they notice that every product you review receives a 5 star rating, you’ll lose all form of credibility. This is why we make sure that all our reviews are thoroughly researched, 100% accurate and are as honest as possible.
  • 700 words is long enough for your reader to get all the information he needs without having to go anywhere else. This way, you'll prevent any type of leaks and will improve your chances of making a sale.

Here’s a small recap of what you get when you buy reviews from me:
  • Professionally written product reviews designed especially to make you money.
  • Free revisions until you are fully satisfied with the product
  • At least 650 words in length
  • Great customer service and super-fast delivery

How to order

Ordering is super simple. Just connect with us on Skype – nshntsngh or drop us an email at info@rhombex.com . Discuss your requirements with us and we will get the work done for you. We prefer receiving payments through Paypal. However, we would be open to discuss other options as well.

1 Product Review (700 words) – 12.50$

5 Product Reviews (700 words) – 57$

10 Product Reviews (700 words) – 97$

5 Product Reviews (500 words) – 50$

10 Product Reviews (500 words) – 85$

Once you’ve made your payment, your reviews will be sent to you within 5 to 7 days.

P.S. – We also take custom orders for blog content, website content, technical content, etc. So just get in touch with us on Skype – nshntsngh or Email – info@rhombex.com and place your orders.

We will work with you until you are fully satisfied with the product and you can contact us any time if you have questions about your order.

If you have any questions about our service, please feel free to pm me or send me an email at: info@rhombex.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
You may also connect with me on Skype – nshntsngh

Thank you very much and good luck to all you guys!
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Excellent, articles and product reviews are important for brand reputation, it is a good offer

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