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Why Blog for Websites

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Blogging helps to increase your seo, to generate leads and gain more customers. B2B marketers generate more leads, Websites that blogs have more inbound links, To acquire a customer from blog by publishing post multiple times per day.
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If the website is not already involved in content posting then heaving a blog is a great marketing idea! I mean if you are already posting great content on your website blog is not really required as the content you post on blog could be used to improve your main web site.

Also if you do decide to create a blog make sure to hosted on your domain!
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@Marcus is pretty much right! Blog no longer needed when your website has instant updates.

Why blog for a website / Importance of blog in a website:
1. You will not be penalized by Panda for THIN content
2. To keep the postition as a BRAND - Mostly brand websites has some blogs/news/updates/Press release or they used some other phrases to denote the blogs.
3. Customer relationships - Updating the website & parallely sharing a blog post with descriptive comments about that update.
4. Content Marketing - Everyone's knows the importance of content.
5. Constantly updating of blogs helps to get better rankings.
6. It reduces the bounce rate
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Blog is helps to increase the website indexing, fast crawling and most important help to target long keyword easily. These three is the very effective benefits of blog with website. One more thing always make blog the sub folder not on sub domain....
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Blog is very helpful to increase the website indexing, target long tail keywords, and regular update.
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Blog can be a good way to increase value of your website. Through blog you can increase your loyal audience.
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Blogging is the best ways to increase the traffic and create the quality content. Blogging will be ioncrease your page Authority and domain Authority and increase value of the website.

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