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Why Search Engine Optimization

make money online
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seo helps to appear site in search results
seo improves your business
More visitors to your site
seo leads have 15% close rate
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SEO is a key to the internet/online marketing! What is the point of heaving website that doesn't make any money? You can have the best shop in the world but if it is located in the middle of the desert then nobody will visit it, in the other hand if you have a shop in the middle of some big mall then that will bring a ton of customers and you will start making big bucks. SEO works the same way! You need it to get on the first page of Google!
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Search engine optimization only tells you what should be done fixed so that the website will comply with search engine guidelines. SEO is composed of 2 main components:

1. On-page SEO - Related to the website itself (Content and Performance).
2. Off-page SEO - Is used to improve website PR, Rankings and traffic by getting backlinks through marketing or other form of online/offline promotion.
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Why SEO?
1. To stay in the online market
2. To sell your product/service easily
3. SEO professionals knows what user needs (Converting the ordinary design into UI design)
4. To reach the brand value in the short span of time
5. SEO helps to cover your targeted visitors - Getting into real traffic/real visitors
6. High impacts on social media sites

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