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Why black hat SEO works?

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Before I try using black hat seo I wanna know what makes it work how come it's better that white hat seo. I know it has many downsides so there is a potential risk of getting banned from search engine! If it's so risky why using it?
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SEO takes time and money so many lazy folks are looking for shortcuts. Black hat SEO uses non traditional ways of improving website PR and rankings. In many cases it works great for short period of time if this some new technique that not many know about but as soon as Google finds out about it it will hit hard all websites that used it to gain rankings and PageRank.
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If some new technique then YES old ones don't and worst they destroy SEO.
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What makes black hat techniques to work?
Google robots doesn't have enough time to manage the search results 100%, Bits works up to 85%. With that loop hole we black hatters enter and beat the search engines.
Even Google has a strict manual moderation - But in the net we find trillions and trillions of websites - So it very big tough for anyone to result in the accurate.

Why we go for black hat?
we remember that one time we will get kicked by search engine algo. But till that we do start earning the money. If Google Hits the website, we will start an another website and trying to rank further.
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Black Hat works fast after that Google will ban your site as usual.
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Google is run by real people OK then some of them get pad to daily discover new "Black Hat SEO" tricks, techniques and tactics so that Google could penalize anyone doing it.

This kind of SEO works fast yes but not for long. The reason it works is because it uses non standard approach to SEO is pretty much the same as hacking.
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Black hat SEO is most commonly defined as a disapproved practice that increases a page's rank in a search engine result page and it must be avoided because if a website caught doing black hat SEO, then it may penalize.
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Technic of thief is always great if not get caught !

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