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Why facebook remove web link post?

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Why facebook remove web link post?
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Facebook is very strict about sharing links and any irrelevant content like sharing youtube link or any other site. but there is a limit if you do not cross the limit then facebook will say nothing but if you cross then you are in trouble.
There is many reasons why your all links are marking as spam.
1.your link has been block on facebook
2.your site violated facebook communities policy
3.your site has irrelevant content
4.your site does not comply with facebook policy
5.your site has shared previously bad content
6.your site links has been mark spam more than 50 times on facebook in one month
7.your site shared too many #@$%!!! links on facebook recently.
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After a Facebook post is reported as inappropriate, it is then sent to Facebook for evaluation. If the post doesn't abide by Facebook's Community Standards, then the post will be removed. However, just because you report a post to Facebook, doesn't mean that the post will be removed.

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