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Why my Google+ Plus page is not showing in Google search?

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I see my Twitter and Facebook pages indexed by Google and showing in Google search results but not Google+ Plus one! What seems to be the issue? Is there a setting or something available to make it public?
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Google plus pages are indexed and included into Google search results! If yours is not showing maybe is cause it's not good enough or have some content that is now very welcome by Google. Try gaining more followers and friends on Google+ Plus this should give it the necessary boost.

Search for "letsforum.com" in Google and you will see our Google+ page: https://plus.google.com/+Letsforum
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Same thing happens with me but my problem is for different types. I add all the detail of my business I also verified the it through postal code but still can't see map when I searched my company name in Google than I don't see any map on right hand-side. What should I do in this case when I open my page it shows verified than hows this is possible to show my map on the right-hand side when somebody searching the about my company name.. Help me please.. Smile
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Create your business on Google Plus with your unique address the post attractive content than get number's of reviews from users.

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