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Why my website PageRank isn't changing?

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There is seems to be some kind of problem with my website rankings they remain the same never change? I want it increase but my website is stuck at 17th position and just stays there? Why is that and how to make it move up?
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Website's are moving up/down for several reasons.

Generally do the following to increase the website rankings position (When it is positioned on the same result for long time).

1. Add little more content in the page you are targeting.
2. Revise the Meta tags/Add some unique well written blogs.
3. Analyse the competitors/Post on those links/Increase or decrease the keyword density/proximity according to the competitors sites
4. Post quality high authority back-links
5. Internal linking - Anchoring the targeted keyword & link to some other page (or) change the internal link juice
6. Include the targeted keyword as a first word/within the first 30 words of the article.
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Crackup your backlinks and content producing machine to the max.
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You need to continue generating links and post more great content make Google happy again.

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