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Why my website is not making money?

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Do you know what are the most common mistakes beginners do when trying to start an online based bossiness and make a living from the internet?
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They listen to others BS about making quick money Smile
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Cause they fail to learn SEO and Internet Marketing and think that they will learn it as they go Smile
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There are several reasons for a website to death.

1. Lacks organic visitors
2. Not listed on top search results
3. No quality back-links (Back-links generate some leads - If you even fail to rank the website in Top pages of search engines)
4. Penalized/Hit by Google - Still you can focus on paid/free ads (classified submissions are the best way to promote and engage some visitors)
5. No press releases/pod-casts referred your niche
6. May received some bad testimonials/reviews
7. Drops in the domain trust value
8. Hosting server is too slow - Website loads loads loads

Tons of reasons, We can discuss when your question is categorized as general.
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Keep in mind that unless your website is ranking on the first page of Google you will fail to make any cash. So this should be your priority.
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You have to consistently work on your websites, make sure that you follow search engine rules and work on websites with good pr.
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To add to what Kevin said, with a new business. It's probably pretty hard to monetize the site until it is ranked. The more PR links and the higher and more relevant, the higher your site will rank. Paid linking is a lot less than buying a high PR domain so it may be a good alternative for you!

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