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Why people fail make money online?

make money online
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making money online or Internet comfortably from home being your own boss it's a dream that motivates thousands of people that try to make money in the internet but fail miserably. Why do you think so many fail to make any money online? Please share your opinion, tips, tricks and recommendations that many will benefit from Smile
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People most commonly fail to make money because they don't want to wait or don't have patience. It takes time to get to the point when you start making some income during that time you have to learn and work hard to make your business grow and getting traffic to it doing what is known as SEO. People are thinking that Internet is a magic place where you can start making money right away but it's not!
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Going from one method to another method. They fail because they are not prepared, they think making money online is easy!. Well yes and not. Internet marketing should be treated as a business, you need to be more patient. And of course don't ever believe in quick rich scheme. There is no such thing rich quick, unless you win a lottery.

Internet marketing is easy if you had patience.

Dig first money later.
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The easiest way to make money I know if with Adsense but even this takes time! It took me about a year to start making 40 to 50 bucks a day. Maybe a few years ago it was much easier to start making money in the internet but now that everyone is online the competition is just too high for anyone to quickly make cash!

Well if you promise someone that they can make fast money you can make money on them typical internet marketing scam!
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The easiest way to make money online is to sell service. From article writing, coding, translation, creating websites, proof reading etc... But be sure to create a portfolio of your work.
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The best way to make money online is to stick with one method first - until you have this working...
Many people expect 'Get Rich Quick' believe me there is no such thing.....

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