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Why so many high PR websites allow dofollow links?

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I am working on my backlinks and I have noticed one strange thing people. Many high ranking high PR websites don't add rel nofollow to outgoing links in their comments why is that? Is there something we mortal don't know like maybe this helps seo?
KevinMax Offline referral

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High PR websites are mostly moderated by their Admin. High domain authority/High PR doesn't accepts all the comments and posts.

80% of High PR websites accepts only less(10 Min - 50 Max) comments/links/comments in links (when it's relevant to their posts). So why they allowing the links as do-follow.
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As Kevin already said above it's most likely because they are allowed by the administrator/moderator. If the link is like an extension of the topic and it's a great content that will teach some more then why not. After all backlinks should be natural.

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