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WordPress hosting good or bad, cheap or expensive?

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I have just found out that WordPress also provides hosting and I am wondering I can host any type of website on that hosting or it's more for WordPress blogs and websites powered by WordPress? How about price is it cheap in comprising to other web hosting? And lastly is it good as website hosting is it better than let say HostGator or iPage.
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I am not 100% positive but I think the only difference between your normal web hosting and WordPress is that most of the website hosting don't support WordPress websites while on WordPress hosting you'll have all you need, like tools, themes and so on Wink
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Word press is the world most usable CMS and if we talk about the hosting then word press hosting is good .......
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I think Wordpress as a CMS has its merits. There are a lot of web developers who like this platform since it is very easy to use. It doesn't any HTML editor software and it offers a number of useful plug-ins. And it is relatively cheap and cost-efficient. But the downside is, some of the plug-ins are not updated causing problems along the way. But there are a lot of inexpensive CMS platforms that you can use like Drupal and Joomla. PM me if you still have questions about CMS platforms.

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