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WordPress vs Blogger SEO?

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If someone decides to create a blog which is better in terms of seo Blogger or WordPress?
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For me WordPress blog is more optimized for SEO will its category and tag system it's very easy to establish authority with only a few posts.
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Wordpress is much better! Majority of the websites in the world were built with Wordpress, only because of its adventures WP features.
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Blogger blog is cool but I am not feeling like it had been optimized for SEO? Probably Google wants users to accomplish this task. WordPress is totally the opposite! Although you have to be very cautious when using free blogs since they are subjected to too many checks and if only one if braking some policy they will shut you down.
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Yes word press has more features to customize your blogs / website but index rate of blogger is much faster as compared to any other blogging platform because of that if you need to promote your blog/ website that blogger is more beneficial for SEO point of views.
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WordPress have largest community than the Blogger. For WP you will find more modules, WP better and safe, they regularly release updates.

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