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Wordpress seo?

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I have just started using WordPress created my fis blog and everything but I need to know if WordPress blog requires seo? I know WordPress is super optimized to be search engine friendly will all those categories and tags but I need a second opinion because as I am a seo beginner I don't want to make my seo worst!
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WordPress is just a platform that allow you to start new blog similar to Google Blogger but just like with any other web sites your new blog will require SEO!
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(03-27-2014 06:51 PM)antony Wrote:  I have just started using WordPress created my fis blog and everything but I need to know if WordPress blog requires SEO? I know WordPress i...

It depends on the keyword that you will use if it is short tail or long tail.
BTW, Good on using wordpress! as far as I know wordpress is the very compatible/best cms for search engine like google. The only thing you need to do now is optimized your content using Keyword Density, Frequency, Prominence and Proximity. also you can use/try putting seo plugins on your website. Smile
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Thanks guys. How many categories and tags do you recommend I should use for more exposure?
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Wordpress seo require different points just like Updates to this WordPress SEO article, Optimize your Titles for SEO, Optimize your descriptions, XML sitemaps,Template optimization, Clean up your code, duplicate content, Disable unnecessary archives, site structure for high rankings, Pages instead of posts, Conversion optimization, Off site SEO, Find related blogs, and work them.
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There are two SEO plugins that distinguish themselves from the rest: All In One SEO Pack and WordPress SEO by Yoast. The former is slightly more popular, while the latter is slightly better rated. (I use Yoast, myself). Keep in mind that you may also need additional plugins for tasks tangential to SEO, such as one that allows you to implement your analytics tracking code across the website. Here you'll find a lot of blugins SEO plugs for WP
But I should say that while running all together Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress I would say that Drupal is the best for SEO not only because it's supporting RDFa but also because all the stuff is organised to make the text to code ratio higher than any. Also read CMS comparison if you will decide to change cms Which CMS the best and here The Top 10 Best SEO Friendly CMS
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Thanks For sharing the Information.
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Of course, WordPress is one of the platforms that is already optimized in a way for search engines, especially if you are on the free blogging platform, but you still need to take certain steps in order to optimize your website. The first thing you need to do is to install SEO plugin Yoast. This is one of the best SEO plugins I have ever used. It is very easy to follow its instructions, but make sure you know a little something about search engine optimization before you start using it.
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wordpess is a plate form to make websites from this we do on page seo
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yoast seo plugin for wordpress allows yout o create and modify meta tags, schema, sitemap and robots.txt etc.
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SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization. It's a strategy used by website owners to get more traffic by ranking higher in search engines. Search engine optimization isn't about tricking Google or gaming the system.
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Yoast is a plugin for WordPress to enhance the capabilities of your SEO.

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