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Yahoo directory search?

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I have submitted my website to Yahoo directory but I can't find out how to check if my site was included or not?
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That is strange! I can't find any "search directory" form! Anyways since they have only a few listings you can do it manually this directory is not like Dmoz or other web-directory with tons of listing.
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It is little bit different to find the file or website from Yahoo directory than any other directory to search in Yahoo you have to signup as a bing/yahoo advertiser which is the only way to search your file in Yahoo.
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I think you have to pay for their service, its 300$ per year to include your campaign on yahoo listing.
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Yahoo search engine indexed your website and increase your visibility in Yahoo search Engine, If site is submitted in Yahoo directory. It helps you locate information, rather than the more technical one of a service that locates information by “crawling” pages automatically and allowing you to keyword search to find any pages that match your keywords.

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