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Youtube Video Marketing?

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Trying to do a bit of video marketing to get traffic but people on YouTube just keep flagging my videos and Google deletes them or closes my account! Any tips to avoid that?
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Buddy then something is problem in your videos!

1. Choose the title related to your videos. (Theory of title is to attract the user - But when a user feels your title is inappropriate to your videos they may trigger the flag & YouTube obviously delete your videos).
2. Try creating new YouTube account
3. Quality videos (Avoid using of PowerPoint slide shows - This sometimes frustrate the user)
4. Videos must be related to your niche (Satisfy the user to stay in the market).
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Don't upload the same video more than once.
Your channel name and URL should be related to the content of your videos
Avoid rotating title and description.

At the end there is no way to prevent inevitable. People flag all kinds of videos. However YouTube then decides if the video is braking its terms and conditions or policy.
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Have you tried checking out their conditions in posting a video? You might miss one! Smile

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