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competitor website traffic analysis

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Can anybody suggest me a "competitor website traffic analysis tools" from where I can find out pageviews and visitors stats without install any script in the webpage.

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The best ones I know are Alexa.com and SpyFu.com
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Thanks for suggestion.

I tried spyfu. But I did not get result as i want. I mean, Their is no option to find out monthly monthly page views and monthly visitor stats.
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Maybe is not in the free package, try paid one!
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Both Alexa.com and SpyFu.com have what you need and much more but it's not for free you have to upgrade! You could juts Google for it and I am pretty sure come up with many tools but these are the best.

Here are some tools you could find interesting:

Google Ad Planner
Google Insights
Google Trends

Some websites charge $700+ per report.
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If your question is competitor website traffic analysis tools?

No the service can completely tell how much traffic/business your competitor have/had... Every service mentioned above sure will tell you the approximation.

No one doesn't know completely about the competitor :: until the competitor opens the mouth & tell you Smile

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