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which is the best way of content marketing for lead generation purpose, please share some valuable tips ?
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What content are you marketing/selling?
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What is your budget?

Online content marketing differs from traditional copywriting is that it uses blogs, social media or videos as a vehicle. Copy writers create magnetic headlines persuasive landing pages and conversion driven emails which makes them two totally different things right well it may seem that way but in reality they work together hand in hand in any smart online marketing strategy.

According to the latest findings from the Content Marketing Institute ninety-one percent of business to business marketers are using content marketing and they're also spending more of their budget than ever before but due to ineffective messaging much of this will never get noticed by prospective customers and clients. Using proven copywriting techniques with your content marketing will persuasive readers to subscribe to your content and share it with others and those repeated actions will eventually earn you a loyal audience. There's a big audience out there for just about every topic in Market under the Sun but there's also equal amount of companies and brands competing for them.
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Content marketing has some very important impact if it's done very good especially if headlines, contexts, content are powerful. One line can make the difference and one line can sink your boat. Repeating the process and sharing considerable content on social media is something that will give you a lot of awareness on engines.

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