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disable youtube ads?

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Man I am getting sick and tired of that advertising showing on each video! Have to waits my time waiting for the ad to finish and let me watch the video. How to disable ads on YouTube?

P.S. Is there a way to permanently turn OFF advertisements?
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There is no way to block ads and popups without using some kind of add-on!

Please install:
Firefox and Chrome - Adblock Plus
Internet Explorer - Tracking Protection List
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@Marcus is right! You cannot block the ads unless its yours.

1. Firefox & Chrome: Adblock Plus & TubeStop
2. By installing the following code in the console helps to stop the ads-free YouTube videos.
“document.cookie="VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=oKckVSqvaGw; path=/; domain=.youtube.com";window.location.reload();”
3. Disable Ads you uploaded
Login to your Youtube Account -> Video Manager -> uploads -> Select the Video -> Actions -> Monetize -> Uncheck the monetization label.

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