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doe Wix effect seo rankings ?

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hi guys
I use wix to creat my sites etc. and not worldpress.
do you think if i use wix effects my rankings in google or if you use wordpress you rank faster ?
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I have done web 2.0 in Wix and WordPress Both. As per my view the post in WordPress is getting crawled automatic after some times and the post in wix took some time to crawl. so WordPress is little bit better than wix.
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If your website has JavaScript or Flash generated content then that content will not get index.
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Definitely, for some reason Google prefer WP websites. I have done tests in the past - created 2 websites with identical conent (1 on WP and the other on other platform). The WP site was indexed within 2 days and ranked much higher the the other one.
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yes, i also prefer wordpress instead of wix, Both are web 2.0 platform but wordpress sites get indexed quickly or faster than wix/many other platform so if you still wanna have a option in your mind prefer wordpress, many free plugins are also there to add salient features without doing hard code
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No it won't affects your keywords ranking, even by using it helps to increase your rankings. Even you can use word press, blogger, and so many websites were you can get an option to share your blogs. You should remember that those activities you are doing for creating a backlink purpose..
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Don't use WIX or you'll be wasting your time if you want good SEO.

Consider wordpress if the site is going to be substantial because it's a widely used CMS so anyone can hop in and knows how to use it.

If it's a small simple site and a CMS is not needed you can download a free template, there are tons of free template sites on the web. Remove any sponsored links in the footer if you're using one of those though.
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For a website design purpose wordpress is better than wix, I am using wix for web 2.0 point of view.

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