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Hi All - Mojo here...

I have been into the internet marketing / making money online game for quite a few years now..
I have websites running among a few other little incomes - a few years ago I was also a moderator on a well known site similar to this one ..

However I have a nice system running at the moment which involves eBay - I have been running now of almost 2 years (so well tested) and now have an eBay shop (100% positive feedback I may add)

Anyway - As this system seems to be running quite well now; I thought I would share the knowledge.. tips / trick and how to become a Power Seller within a couple of months. I have just finished my eBook with the full step by step instruction on how I do this... Nothing Hidden

I am charging a small fee for the eBook - however this is a drop in the ocean to what you can earn.
I earn on average £300 / £400 pm at the moment and still rising...

I also have other eBooks - which I may give away on here at some point

Thanks & Good Luck
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Thanks buddy for sharing. I am glad you make money online however here is my tip for you.
Instead of selling eBook which is not cool anymore try to make a simple PC program and integrate the content from your eBook into that software/program. Now instead of offering eBook which sounds low tech offer a DVD or CD which sound more professional and much cooler!
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Thanks for the feedback pal....
I usually use the CD and/or DVD method if I sell content via eBay / Amazon etc....

The eBook method still shares the same content for the reader and something people are used to... and comfortable with.

Thanks Again
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And is it possible to shed some light on the content of that eBook other than it teaches you how to make money on eBay?
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The eBook is a step by step tutorial on how to become a Top Rated Power Seller on eBay.
This includes - How to identify the products that are selling - How you will be able to list these products - And I also teach you how to make a profit - All with 100% feedback

Hope this helps

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