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generate build backlinks to youtube video?

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Are you aware of any software or an online tool that is used generate or to build backlinks not for the website but for videos?
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Pretty much every SEO tools that is used to generate backlinks for a website will work. Most of these tools and services are not free and since you have limited backlink building knowledge I would suggest you to hire some expert in search engine optimization.

In mean time you could check SEOMOZ tools.
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Most of the SEO Backlink builder like GSA, Sick Submitter & SeNuke - XCR works better for any type of URL. No matter whether it is a video/website URL.

Fill all the tabs and click start - It will start submitting the back-links for the URL you specified.

Most of the YouTube rankings softwares/services are scam and don't get scammed by people. Many times YouTube identify the unnatural activities on your video and tends to ban the video and also the account.

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