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google first page seo?

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what type of seo does it take for a web site to get on google first page? I had been doing seo for months yet my site rankings seem to getting worst not improving neither increasing what is the secter?
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White hat SEO is the most secure way of getting the website on Google top ranking position. It's not fast and neither easy way to it takes time.

Black Hat SEO works fast and doesn't require that much of the effort to achieve high rankings however there is tons of risks involved in this SEO so it must be use only by the professionals definitely not by the beginners.

For the website to be eligible for first page ranking position is has to comply with basic SEO requirements which are:

Site has to have good quality, high ranking, dofollow, relevant backlinks.
Has to have original and high quality content.
Have high performance.
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There are many small things in SEO that combined make a big difference. Like:

Performance (load speed (Google Insights score) , wc3 errors)

And the big ones:


Stop focusing on getting you home-page on Google top rankings but rather post new content each new post will create a new page with its own unique URL try get more of them and this way you will increase search engine authority for some particular keyword this will then force Google to position your homepage on top of search results (SERP)
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If you are in the hurry to get on that first page fast then I recommend you to hire some SEO expert and it will make it happen. It's not cheap but then if you increase traffic to your eCommerce site it means more sales and more earnings which at the end of the day will compensate you.
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Buddy stop looking for how to and start posting some high quality content and generate backlinks come-on everybody knows how it works.

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