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google ranks responsive sites higher?

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Is this true that Google is giving more ranking to websites that have responsive themes?
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Yes haven't you heard about Google Mobile Friendly Update released last month "mobilegeddon" they call it. It's designed to increase rankings of those website that are optimized for mobile devises and drop those that are not.
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yes, google give the priority to responsive website in serp ranking.
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Sure,it's all about user experience
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To tell the truth I see no difference in rankings whether I am using my smartphone or computer. Responsive design in more unfriendly as most of the mobile devised don't support very well desktop version of the site. Also this means that users will not have to zoom-in and the scroll down side to side to read the content.
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Yes, Google gives priority to those sites which has good user-experience and great user interface.
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There is no proven evidence to claim responsive design gets a weightage in SERP . Having said resposive design website will result in increase of visitors that's for sure.
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Yes, Google recently release the mobile friendly update. According to these Google update increase the ranking of those website which are mobile friendly.
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This change has appeared because Google implemented the algorithm which is Mobile friendly. Sites which has their mobile version will be benefited in the ranking.
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Yes, it is. The reason behind that is people like to use those sites which are user friendly. Even they look for those sites which are compatible with mobile and other devices as well which provides them the convenience to use it from any location they are residing. This is what increases the websites ranking highly.

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