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google search instant?

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How to show my website in search instant. I have noticed that sometime it only takes as much as a few letters to see somebodies websites.
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Millions of people use Google every day the search queries they enter in to the search engine are analyzed by Google and they used in numerous services such as instant. Think of this this way when millions of users search for some term/keyword then there is gotta be reason for that!!! Like Facebook for instance, it's enough to only enter the letter f for the Facebook to show.

P.S. It's based on Google search trends.
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Simple, Make your website; BRAND as like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart and Jabong - Get your website listed in Instant Search.
Branding involves - Huge Investment - Huge ROI.
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What you need is a ton of people looking for some term in this case your brand/website then Google will include it in instant search.

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