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google search right side information?

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How can I get a box showing on the right side in Google search results with the information about my website when someone searches for my site?
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To get the box on the right side with the information about your brand (website) you need to use the service called: "Google+ Brands" http://www.google.com/+/brands/

Simply create a page add information about your brand and the important thing here is to link your website to it and verify it!
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as i know abt google snippets & google plus a/c . where u need to add info abt your site in google plus. and automatically information abt your site ill be displayed in the right side
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Its a google business page, create a google business by giving a proper address of your comapny, then you will receive a post card to your address containing verifying code verify it. By this your company business page will be displayed at the right corner when anyone search for your company.
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It's called Google My Business. It indicates address listing fro your site. With this facility you can show user about your exact location in map view. Also working hours & contact details will be displayed. Go to https://www.google.com/business/ & create your page.

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