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how to do

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how to do offline marketing
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Offline marketing techniques involve advertising using TV, Newspaper, Radio and other form of non online advertising!
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Have you tried social media sites? They can be an effective way to do offline marketing.
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wikipedia can help))
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Offline marketing strategies
Flexes & banner printing
Banners and Advertisements
Advertising and public relations
Printing Services
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You can do it by advertising your product in television, radio or by print resources.
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There are some useful points for offline marketing to enhance your business sales:

  1. Attend Meet-up Groups
  2. Classified Ads in News Paper
  3. Attend Networking Events
  4. Offer a Free Service or Consultation
  5. Get creative with your business cards
  6. Participate in trade shows
  7. Cold Calling
  8. Direct Mail
  9. Purchase Promotional Items with your Company Logo on Them

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