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how to do seo for educational site?

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how to do seo for educational site?
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i think your question was answer very much on google, have much site guide how to SEO for a site educational
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You can :
1. Produce high quality content about the fields of education (e.g gre, sat, mba, etc) covered by your site
2. Share your content on all your social media profiles, pages and groups.
3. Write guest posts in other educational blogs and sites, in exchange for backlinks.
4. See what your competitors are doing - what kind of content they produce, what topics they cover in their content, how they promote it, what are their backlinks. Do the same Smile
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Have quality content on your website first. Than you have to build quality back links too.
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1. Use good quality content with 1850 words
2. Use good images and perform optimization
3. Overall make you onpage SEO strong
4. Get the quality backlinks from high Domain Authority educational website.
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Choose Your Domain Name Carefully. ...
Select a Reputable Web Hosting Provider. ...
Perform Keyword Research. ...
Plan Out Your Site's Architecture. ...
Use a Mobile-Friendly Design. ...
Target Primary Keywords for Each Page. ...
Optimize Page URLs. ...
Optimize Title Tags.
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Have quality content on your website first.Than you have to build quality back links too
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work on on page optimization for website, do guest blog posting, infographics submission & social sharing of the website.

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